I have mediated more than 30 employment law cases to date, over 90% of which were resolved. I have also mediated numerous business disputes through the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas.

My formal mediation training began in the 1980’s with Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE). I was part of the original group of attorneys chosen to participate in a program sponsored by the Northern District in Ohio. The cases in that program represented my first experience in formal mediation of pending litigation matters. Later I took mediation training courses through the ABA Section of Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Cornell University.

A successful mediator should possess qualities of creativity, resourcefulness, perseverance and timing, and also the capacity to be a skilled negotiator, with the ability to spot areas of compromise. During four decades as a labor attorney I gained valuable experience in mediation techniques, since mediators and labor practitioners share the similar objective of achieving a mutually-acceptable resolution of any particular dispute. A mediator in employment lawsuits should possess the qualities listed above, along with a thorough knowledge of applicable law and an understanding of the realities of the workplace.

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