Expedited Alternative Dispute Resolution


A fact of life in the labor / management community is a growing sense that traditional arbitration has become too expensive and takes too long. The main source of dissatisfaction is the lengthy Opinion and Award, which many now view as unnecessary. As a solution employers and labor organizations have been exploring alternative ways of obtaining neutral grievance resolutions.

I have experience in these “mini” or “expedited” arbitrations, which usually consist of a brief hearing of one hour or less, after which I write a “short form” award within seven days. This procedure is intended to enable the parties to achieve binding grievance resolutions at significantly lower cost.

I believe that expedited arbitration procedures will become more popular because they fill the needs of labor and management for fast and affordable binding resolutions. I encourage any mutually-agreed upon method of resolution and will recommend the expedited procedure if it is applicable to your case. My fees vary according to the structure of the alternative procedure.

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